青雲畫廊 Cloud Gallery


青雲畫廊 Cloud Gallery

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Cloud Gallery was founded in 1997, located in the quiet MingShui Road at Dazhi, Taipei. Paintings and sculptures are our major operating projects. Our business model is the agent of domestic or foreign renowned artists, for example, Lin WenQiang, Yang XingSheng, Gu ZhongGuang, Wang RenJie, Huang QiuYue, Wu LiYu, Jian ChangDa and Koso Sato, etc. Most of the artists work style is realism, abstract and impressionist. In recent years, we also began to manage domestic and international well-known contemporary artists:Huang Gang, Zhan YuFan, Ceng YìPing, etc. For a long time, Cloud Gallery has been introduced and recommended stable and forward-looking artists to collectors, their works are both artistic, academic and market. In addition, our classic collections are mainly to the internationally renowned sculptor, contemporary artist, senior painter and Ink master; collectors are welcome to come here to exchange.