K's Art 當代藝術空間 K's Art Contemporary Art Space


K's Art 當代藝術空間 K's Art Contemporary Art Space



K′s Art 當代藝術空間是南台灣年輕藝術家及當代藝術愛好者最熟悉的畫廊,緣於台南藝術大學顧世勇所長為鼓勵年輕藝術家作品發表而成立的所在。能在該藝術空間發表造形、影像、多媒材繪畫等作品亦是受到相當嚴格的評比,方獲得呈現創作品之機會,在這充滿老傢具的空間裡經常聚集愛好藝術的人群,雖老屋新力,但藝術氛圍濃郁。

K's Art Contemporary Art Space is the most familiar place for the artists in Southern Taiwan and those who love contemporary art , originated from KU Shih-Yung’s ambition of encouraging young artists to exhibit their works, when he was the graduate chair of Tainan National University of the Arts. The artworks exhibited in K’s Art including plastic arts, videos, and paintings of mixed media are all strictly selected. In the space dotted with old furniture are usually crowded by art lovers. Although the place is old, the artistic atmosphere is still refreshing.