新苑藝術 Galerie Grand Siecle


新苑藝術 Galerie Grand Siecle



由張學孔先生創辦之新苑藝術,於 1999 年成立。身為台灣最具代表性的新媒體藝術藝廊,我們以策劃展覽、參與國際博覽會的模式呈現新銳媒體藝術家精采的作品。除了每年在畫廊內定期有 6-8 檔的展覽以外,2008 年我們參加的國際博覽會有馬德里 ARCO、北京 CIGE、巴塞隆納 Loop、香港 HK2008-2010、大阪 2008、柯隆 ARTFAIR21 等,致力於將台灣當代藝術推廣至國際舞台。

Galerie Grand Siecle was founded by H.K. Chang in 1990. In its early stage, it dedicated to promoting Chinese modern art and contemporary art artists. In present time, it has become the figure in Taiwan in terms of new media art. In recent years, we have taken art works of excellent Taiwanese artists to the exhibitions in Paris, Cologne, Madrid, Barcelona, Milan, Geneva, New York, Miami, Tokyo, Beijing, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, Hong Kong and many cities. We are experienced conducting exhibitions with Taiwanese and foreign museums, contributed to promoting the contemporary art in Taiwan in any International fair. In 2011, H.K. Chang took over the position as director of Taiwan Art Gallery Association and led the reformation of ART TAIPEI to become the renowned International art fair in Taiwan.