台灣國際視覺藝術中心 TIVAC


台灣國際視覺藝術中心 TIVAC




Established in 1999, TIVAC built a professional space for photography arts by holding a number of exhibitions for eminent photographers in Taiwan and overseas and planning related seminars. TIVAC is committed in the improvement of the creative environment for Taiwan visual arts using limited resources, thereby to provide important learning platform for the photography fans of Taiwan. Stepping into its 10th year, TIVAC is now moved into a brand-new space and looks forward to the new future. In addition to holding various exhibitions, TIVAC is actively engaged in the cooperation with domestic and foreign professional curators to extend its horizon to the computer photography arts, audio/video arts and visual design with contemporary thinking through the expansion of a more manifold visual experience. Additionally, TIVAC offers courses related to visual arts by inviting the public for participation and actively promoting visual arts aesthetics. In the near future, TIVAC will emphasize on the promotion of photography art and creations in Chinese and the theoretical researches, establishing a more integral contemporary photography arts, images and people database. TIVAC also intends to discover potential new artists and guide the Chinese photography arts to synchronize with global development, and thereby taking Taiwan to an international horizon.