林藝帆 X 李翱辰 聯合藝術創作展


林藝帆 X 李翱辰 聯合藝術創作展


8/13 (Sat.) 14:00-16:00 藝術家會在現場駐點

【展覽簡介 Exhibition introduction】
林藝帆|伊甸園 The Garden of Eden
伊甸園(希伯來語:גן עדן)在聖經原文中代表快樂的天堂樂園。
根據聖經˙創世紀的記載,上帝耶和華在世界起源之初根據自己的形象打造了亞當和夏娃,也就是傳說中人類的生命起源,上帝在創造他們後便將他們安置在伊甸園中,我們都知道夏娃受了蛇 "撒旦”的誘惑偷吃了生命之果,也讓亞當吃下。爾後上帝憤怒地將他們逐出伊甸園。

According to the Bible, the Garden of Eden is the perfect dream home, the beautiful wonderland and the paradise.
Refer to the Book of Genesis of the Hebrew Bible, the Lord God created the first man Adam and then created the first woman, Eve.  After the Lord God completed the creation, he placed Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.  One day Satan came disguised as a snake and spoke to Eve, convincing her to eat the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. She then gave some to Adam for him to eat. After that, they felt ashamed and tried to hide from God.  However, the Lord God banished both of them from the Garden of Eden.

從生命誕生那一刻起,我們像張純白無瑕的紙,本該有最原始單純美好的心靈,是甚麼改變了我們? 大環境的生命之果? 還是原罪的天性使然?


 The Sins has been created since people started to know what is good or evil.  We are totally innocent from the beginning of our lives.  What changed the innocent us? The environment or our original sins?
I believe that we should have our own Garden of Eden in our hearts.  In this wonderland, you may find yourself innocent and totally positive about chasing your dream.  Are we determined to act out our ideal regardless of those challenges from our daily life? Can we find out our Garden of Eden?


常常想著藝術的存在為何如此重要?又為何有存在的必要性? 對於目前的我來說,那就像吃飯一樣,是自然而然的,是跟著我們的本性,本能而存在的。它是一種直接並毫無保留的一種自我呈現。


Art means a part of life to me, it’s always surrounding us. Why is art important to us and its existing affect us?

I think, it truly representing our essence, just like nutrition that we absorb every day, naturally happen. The aim of exhibition is a progress of getting use to face to face different part of me self, to my art, present the ideas, thoughts of creation, and build up the links between viewers life with artworks, naturally involve into their life.

【藝術家簡介 Artisit Statement】
University of the Arts London - Chelsea College of Art and Design ( Fine Arts)
2011,聯合畢業展,Chelsea college of Art and Design,倫敦,英國
2013,「夢The Dreams」首屆個展,大象小吃藝術空間,台中,台灣
2016,「伊甸園The Garden of Eden」 林藝帆 x 李翱辰藝術創作聯展,自由人藝術公寓,台中,台灣
2011,The Graduation Exhibition,Chelsea college of Art and Design,London,UK
2013,Solo Exhibition「The Dreams」,Elephant Gallery Restaurant,Taichung,TAIWAN
2016,Joint Exhibition of Yi-Fan Lin X Ao Chen Li「The Garden of Eden」,Freedom Men Art Apartment,Taichung,TAIWAN


The world is too wide to be seen, as time presenting us to be a different we after suffering from its flood, and we are just crabbing these tiny scrap drop out from the flood as our creative elements. Memories, human sense of feeling and our nature, always being my first sight to look into, and compose it to become works. The final present of the work is as its form of presenting a time spot.
I always like to create by painting, also make it into 3D form by using different medias, such as ceramics, fabrics, woods and concrete, which have the feature of flexibility to shape. For me, to feel the materials is part of important process to make works.

2015 / 6  Degree Show / 組合     Chelsea College of Arts
2014 / 2  聯展 LINK /  變異    5th Base Gallery
2013 / 12 聯展 Off Set Show / 方盒2   Old Street ( outside filed )
2012 / 11 聯展 Triangle / 方盒   Chelsea College of Arts
2015 / 6  Degree Show / Combination     Chelsea College of Arts
2014 / 2  LINK / Diversity   5th Base Gallery
2013 /12 Off Set Show / Cube 2   Old Street ( outside filed )
2012 / 11 Triangle Show / Cube   Chelsea College of Arts

林藝帆 X 李翱辰 聯合藝術創作展

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