裸線 - 半未 水墨作品展


裸線 - 半未 水墨作品展


Artist Statement 藝術家自述:
One 一
1.1    Nude is not the theme 人體非旨
1.2    Line is only an illusion 線如幻
1.3    Painting is not Q & A 繪畫非問答
1.3.1 Every gesture as a note 姿態若音
1.3.2 Every painting as an impromptu 畫同即興樂

Two 二
2.1    Not what, but how不問畫何而何畫
2.2    Every dance has its rhythm 身韻有律
2.2.1 A calligraphic brushstroke is a cell 法筆是元
2.2.2 Life drawing is a template 寫生為本
2.2.3 Using two hands is an approach 雙筆為徑,彳亍而行
2.3    The left hand is experienced while the right a beginner 左巧右拙,拙手巧意
2.3.1 they provide the balance 故衡
2.3.2 it works out like breathing, walking or像息,如步,似織...
2.4   The practice is not focusing on technique, but on the unbrokenness 修不在法而於綿綿
2.4.1 The essence is solitary continuity 亘也

Three 三
3.1    Live purely, be quiet. Do your work with mastery 潛形慢活,獨在默(墨)存
3.2    Painting is a lifelong purification process to get rid of the extra 輕䘫長旅
3.3    In this journey, we have to travel light to the unknown frontier 終志去余
3.4    What we cannot speak about we must pass over in silence 居戔蔵真,言止

opus infirmis 工淡,  2015, ink on paper, 137 x 70cm

unum damnum 一失, 2015, ink on paper, 50 x 100cm

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